D: 45x65cm h50cm
The chair Throne is a piece of exceptional quality and design, created for kings and queens, or those who feel that way! Masterly composition, attractive form, extraordinary finishing, and function brought us to something remarkable. The Throne is maybe at first sight an unusual chair, but the customers who had an opportunity to try it is saying that sitting in it made them feel powerful.
And if you have ever thought: I am such a queen or king, then this is the right chair for you! Its arm supports, height, and depth are created in a way that you feel no need for back support. The chair is of exceptional finishing just like the other pieces of WMD brand, so that after being carefully polished and finely oiled, beeswax is being applied as protection from insects. This wonderful silhouette of the chair Mini is an ideal choice for waiting rooms and halls but also in a combination with a WM table in the living room or with our Corner armchair in an intimate corner of your home. Throne appears in a few variants: with a wooden seat, upholstered in modern, sewn, or folk variant. For being upholstered and for its particular finishing, this is a firm and stable high-quality chair that can be a part of traditional as well as modern interiors.

Chair Throne - front

Chair Throne - from below

Chair Throne - side

Chair Throne - perspective

Chair Throne - from above

Chair Throne - wood

Chair Throne -
upholstery standard

Chair Throne - wool

Chair Throne - hatching

Chair Throne - ethno