D: (45cm) to 150cm h70/190cm
Clothes stand Ladder is designed in a way to understand the needs of a modern person. It is very practical, whatever your preferences: never mind if you prefer the elegant, sophisticated, or dynamic spirit of your furniture.
The rolling pins in the base make the form of the ladder, the highest being 190cm, then the middle height of 150cm, and the smallest in size of 70cm. The parts of the Ladder are connected with the elements which enable a complete rotation of every single hook. All together they make a sophisticated and elegant structure.
Clothes can be hung on it in a few different ways. Due to the possibility of rotating this finely polished and carefully oiled wooden structure, and the parts being protected with beeswax, Ladder is easily adjusted to everyone’s needs and taste.
You can keep it open in a room and it will occupy space up to 150cm or closed in a triangular base occupying a surface up to 50cm. We recommend that you keep it in the last, triangular base. In this way, a mirror can be hung up on one side, and you will make the best use of it.
Ladder clothes stand is ideal for the most intimate corner of your bedroom; but also an interesting and dynamic piece in a bright and frisky hall. It is perfect in combination with Pufnica or Bobica from our WMD collection of stools.

Clothes Stand: Ladder

Clothes Stand: Ladder - open

Clothes Stand: Ladder - zigzag

Clothes Stand: Ladder - triangle