D: h200cm, 50cm basically
You loved Wigwam, you adore Trees ... From the WMD work shop comes, Rudolf, an Irvas, red nose. :) Rudolf is a hanger, who has 21 pieces to hang and is irresistibly reminiscent of the Irvas horns. The hook part could be in red, which you can use if necessary, and then the hanger gets the look of a red-nosed Irvas, Rudolf. In addition to Rudolf from this great family of hangers, we also have Whity / Belka as well as Reddy. Suspension parts, good looking, and practical purposes are painted in white, black or red. The warmth of the wood, the attention to every detail when making it, and the choice of color when designing this hanger in white, resulted that Belko impressed with incredible lightness and refinement.

Hanger Whity

Hanger Rudolph

Hanger Naturalist

Hanger Redy