D: 35x40cm h58cm; drawer 15cm
Charmer is a designer classic from the WMD family of products, which includes shelves. It is characterized by a drawer and a timeless design that allows it to fit nicely into different environments. It is made of solid oak wood, making it a durable piece of furniture. Environmental protection in the form of organic oils and beeswax will further emphasize the beauty of this wooden side table. In addition to oak, the wooden side table can also be made of beech or ash wood. It is 58 cm high and occupies a space of only 35 x 40 cm.
Wooden products should be stored properly, so they should not be placed near heating sources in order to preserve the beauty of the wood for as long as possible. The Charmer wooden side table is maintained with a dry cloth or sandpaper with a grain size of 500, which is included with the product. Do not water plants on it or place glasses without coasters to keep the wood beautiful and unchanged for a long time.