There should be utter simplicity: no surface enrichment, no carvings, no moldings... Usihg the best materials for the job... Nothing shold cry for attention.

Herman Miller

Apartments in Vrnjačka Spa

Since the apartment is situated in a spa, a place intended for rest and relaxation, a special attention was paid to organize the apartment interior accordingly. Materials are natural, and colours relaxing. The apartment interior is designed in such manner that the space is not encumbered either by the furniture or by the colors. They have been harmoniously combined to make the people occupying it feel as comfortable as possible. Material used is laminated oak and pickled white mdf. The apartment floor area is 47m2 due to that the efforts were made to use the space as efficiently as possible. The entrance door leads into the corridor. Since the entire space is not so large, the intention was to widen it visually. This impression has been obtained using the painting placed next to the wardrobe and facing the door and it leaves the impression of a landscape viewed from a window. The main part of this apartment is the living room and kitchen, which are connected and make up one unit. The living room has a shelf TV unit made from laminated oak and pickled white mdf, a club table and sitting unit. In the kitchen, there is a bar, a wine shelf, made from the combination of laminated oak and pickled white mdf, while the entire kitchen is made from laminated oak. Since the kitchen space is a small one, the emphasis is on its functionality. The bedroom is opposite the living room. Both this room and the living room can be entered from the corridor. The bedroom has beds, which can be folded and unfolded if needed, a wardrobe and unit for a TV. The main material used in this room is laminated oak. The terrace can be approached from every room.