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Nikola Tesla

Children's world

Children’s bed room is projected in such a way to organize the room interior accordingly. It has been harmoniously combined to make the room functional because the space is 15m2 large, and the ceiling is 270cm high. There are also slopes in three ways. Investiture wanted the room for two girls. In the room has existed just one window, because of that we needed to use light proximately. So we needed to put desk near this window. We needed to use this space propriety, because of this we put beds one in font other in a way that central space be free. Part of ceiling that is 160x50cm in base is used for wardrobe to maximal use of space. Near bed we have places for sitting and bed is with interesting path for head. In the table is interesting part with mirror. In the central part of the room there are blackboard, sits and shelves.