Design is a process, not a formula. It follows a logic but is open to those unexpected discoveries that come from experimentation and from making connections between seemingly disconnected ideas.

Herman Miller, The purpose of design

New Years decoration

While we were decorated the Hotel Junior at Kopaonik, special care is taken to not overload the space decoration. Since this region is basically dominated by the colour of brown we were used, red, green and gold, while the alternating red bow accents and flowers to the gold balls in the form of clusters. Since the space is pretty tenuous care is taken to highlight the decoration space, with having an impression of heat. Besides the circular wreath next to the fireplace, the other decorations in the form of green tape are handmade, specifically for this space. When we were decorating, we pursued elegance, refinement, and originality, as it was confirmed here, and the decorations were specifically designed for this purpose.