D: 40x50cm, h45cm (one cube)
For all the fans of asymmetry and playful movement… Furniture line “The Rock” is inspired by the spontaneous shapes of rocks (stones) from the nature, it’s made from carefully honed oak wood, formed of sharp angles but gentle, polished edges, with seamless joints, that make these peaces sophisticated and distinctive. Shelf “The Rock” made from two or three edgy cubes (rocks), each one independently rotating around its axis, is a sculptural piece of furniture that easily draws attention, and its movable parts inspire you to make different shapes in space. Shelf The Rock is accompanied by table Rock, that follows the same form, with an extra compartment for placing away things. Easy movement of tables is provided by four wheels, and to make sure they are used to the full potential, they are sturdy and strong enough you can sit on them. With two or more tables that you can easily rotate and make different forms, your space will get a functional, elegant piece of art, that will always spark a conversation.

The Rock - perspective

The Rock - side view

The Rock - front

The Rock - rotation