D: o55cm h50/74cm
The UP/DOWN table, made of solid oak, ash, or beech wood, stands out from other pieces of WMD furniture because it can be transformed from a laptop table to a coffee table by moving the tabletop up and down along the support. This circular, wooden coffee table, with two screws on the leg, allows you to adjust the height of the tabletop to your preference.
It can be raised to a height of 74cm, supporting your laptop while you work, and then lowered to a height of 50cm for you to enjoy a cup of coffee and relax. Its legs are practical and can be tucked under furniture with raised bottoms, making the working position even more comfortable and saving space. It is durable and stable, made of solid wood, which provides longevity, and the ecological protection in the form of organic oils and waxes enhances the beauty of the natural material.
It is useful in every room - as a bedside table in the bedroom, as a work table next to the WOOD MOOD DESIGN Arch armchair, in offices and homes as an auxiliary table, wherever it is not too close to heating elements or directly exposed to water, in order to preserve the beauty of the wood for as long as possible. In case you create stains, remove them with sandpaper with a grain size of 500, which you will receive as a gift with purchase.

Up And Down Table

Up And Down Table

Up And Down Table