Ring Standard
D: 10x40cm circle o20cm
Ring clocks are a combination of manual work and machine work. The circle as a symbol of the circulation of matter and the energy is the dominant detail of this clock: everything goes by and everything goes back. The circles (rings) are thoroughly painted with a brush in four different colors: red, green, black or white. Upon completion of painting, the rings are being tied up to a part of the tree that is finely abraded, oiled, and finally protected by the bee wax in order to preserve the natural color and characteristics of the tree. The clocks are extremely appealing and could be held on the shelf or hanged on the wall.
Besides the Ring clocks, we also have a wide range of very popular Light black and white clocks, as well as the clocks with numbers, dashes, big and small clocks, and so on… And they are all a combination of manual and machine work.

Ring 001

Ring 002

Ring 003

Ring 004

Ring 005

Ring 006

Ring 007

Ring 008

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