D: h200cm, 50cm in base
Clothes stand TREE is one of the most popular WMD products. Being made of high-quality wood, designed in a way to understand the needs of a contemporary person it enables practicality never mind if you prefer elegant, sophisticated or dynamic spirit. TREE is an extremely likeable clothes stand that will bring in nature’s spirit into your home. It is protected with organic oil and beeswax (as a protection from insects) just like all other WMD products. It consists of eighteen useful units for hanging your clothes: 15 upper units on the top of rolling pins which look like tree branches; and 3 lower (middle) units shaped like little wooden balls also useful for hanging clothes; the whole composition makes our clothes stand TREE very practical and likeable.
We make TREE in two versions: in the natural colour of oak or ash tree. It is 2m in height and 50cm in base.

Tree Coat tree - Oak

Tree Coat tree - Ash

Tree Coat tree