ELEGANT - Big clocks
The clocks are made of laminated oak parts as well as other pieces of furniture. The clock fits perfectly in the interior which already has pieces made of this material. On the back side of the clock there are three holes 8 mm in dimension, by which the clocks are hanged on the wall, or by adding anchors in bottom two holes the clock can be placed on the table or on a shelf. The clocks are well-decoratively packaged so that they can be a very nice and valuable gift. Each clock is different. The dimensions are 315 mm, and the thickness is 25 mm.

Elegant - 001

Elegant - 002

Elegant - 003

Elegant - 004

Elegant - 005

Elegant - 006

Elegant - 007

Elegant - 008

Elegant - 009

Elegant - 010

Elegant - 011



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