Wigwam Coat tree


Wigwam coat hanger is made of high-quality linden wood and protected by organic oil, as well as other pieces of Wood Mood design line of products. The hanger consists two useful parts for hanging: top consisting of upper and central peaks of rolling pins. Hanger comes in two variants: FRIENDLY with colourful hanging parts and ELEGANT in natural colour of wood. The height of the coat hanger is 2 metres.

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Tree Coat treee


Clothes stand TREE is one of the most popular WMD products. Being made of high-quality wood, designed in a way to understand the needs of a contemporary person it enables practicality never mind if you prefer elegant, sophisticated or dynamic spirit. TREE is an extremely likeable clothes stand that will bring in nature’s spirit into your home...

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Hanger Rudolph


You loved Wigwam, you adored Drvce- encouraged by your reactions, we got the idea to join one more member to this family- Rudolf. Rudolf is a hanger which has 21 hanging hooks and has such a resemblance to a deer’s horns...

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Clothes Stand: Ladder


Clothes stand Ladder is designed in a way to understand the needs of a modern person. It is very practical, whatever your preferences: never mind if you prefer the elegant, sophisticated, or dynamic spirit of your furniture. The rolling pins in the base make the form of the ladder, the highest being 190cm, then the middle height of 150cm, and the smallest in size of 70cm...

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Hanger Fir


Hanger Fir consists of a wooden cube through which the rolling pin for hanging. The cube can be used for seating or storage wardrobe (shoes, bags ...). There are fifteen useful area for hanging. Hanger is made of high-quality ash (oak) tree and it is protected with organic oil like other pieces of wood mood design product line.

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Hanger Fir Multiverse

Fir Multiverse

The Multiverse Fir was created by combining two onion ideas, while listening to the needs of our dear users. This wooden onion, made of durable, solid wood, consists of a cube with dimensions of 40x100x50cm and a rolling pin with heights of 200/180/160cm, three different heights, used for hanging items. The cube can serve as seating, storage for bags, shoes, or as a house for pets... It is symmetrical so you don't have to think about whether you need left or right; you can rotate it as you like...

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Hanger Multiverse


Multiversum is an excellent piece of WoodMoodDesign brand. It is all you need in your hall. This great clothes stand, Multiversum, is made in three versions: white, black and natural: White Passion - white (MDF and wood), Cherry Blossom - black (MDF and wood) and Nature (made of oak tree)...

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